Current Exhibitions

First Feature Image
First Feature Image

Look for me and my work at Creative Conference at the Marina Civic Center September 22nd - 23rd. You can also find my work at Floriopolis in downtown St. Andrews.

Works In Progress

Second Feature Image
First Feature Image

I am currently working on new colored pencil prints and three series of paintings. The three series are titled "Cosmic Dust," "Diffusion," and "Congealism." The size of these works vary from miniature to regular in a variety of formats, including canvas, wood, clocks, necklaces, and magnets. You can check out some of these works at Floriopolis in St. Andrews.

Awards and Recognition

Third Feature Image
First Feature Image

In April of 2017, one of my photographs received an Honorable Mention at the 17th Annual Photography & Digital Arts Exhibition held by the Arts & Design Society of Fort Walton Beach.

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