Spiritual and Inspirational Speaker

Photo of Melissa Arrant.

Melissa Arrant is a practicing agnostic Buddhist and active supporter of interfaith teachings. She believes in the unifying nature of LOVE and COMPASSION on the path of spiritual seeking. In addition to teaching, writing about, and creating art, Melissa Arrant writes her own talks and speaks regularly as part of the Spiritual Leadership Team at Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, where she has been an active member since 2016.

Since 2018, she has been invited to speak over 30 times on a wide range of spiritual and inspirational topics including but not limited to meditation, prayer, contemplation, mindfulness, oneness, unity, creativity, and the Buddhist path. Quotes and synopses of some of these talks are listed below. If you are interested in inviting Melissa Arrant to speak for your congregation, please submit your inquiry via her website contact form.

Selected Quotes

“One of the most important lessons on joy I have learned is that while joy can seem fleeting, we can always return to it. At this moment and every moment, we have a choice to make. I choose to relish in my JOY.”

– Melissa Arrant, “A Christmas to Remember: Joy,” December 19, 2021

“Strengthening our relationships in the midst of adversity means using the tools of faith and communication to connect with those around us. It means trusting that their Divine nature will bear witness to our Divine nature, and that our Divine nature can bear witness to their Divine nature. For we all are interconnected in the extended family that is our human experience.”

– Melissa Arrant, “Strengthening Relationships in the Midst of Adversity,” November 21, 2021

“Now, I can’t say that I thanked the mass in my liver, but I had my own realizations during my journey. I could continue to ask, ‘Why me?’ but I will never get an answer to that question. It isn’t the question to ask. I found myself asking ‘Why not be present in the now?'”

– Melissa Arrant, “Asking: Why Not Me?,” September 19, 2021

Selected Synopses

Getting Your Duck Unstuck,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, March 13, 2022
The season of Lent is upon us. In the Christian tradition, the season of Lent is used as a time to prepare oneself for  Easter. In Unity, we celebrate the Lent season by renewing ourselves spiritually. A large component of renewing our spiritual connection is releasing that which no longer serves us – those thoughts, words, actions, and habits that prevent our continued awareness of our DIVINE connection. In essence, your duck gets stuck in old ways of seeing and doing.  Lent is a fantastic time each year for getting your duck unstuck. It is a great time to spring clean your thoughts and attitudes that ultimately lead to your actions and manifestations in the human experience.

Awakening Mindfulness,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, January 30, 2022
Life is like leaves on the water pushed by the wind and pulled by the current. Many times, we can get caught up in our human experience and try to resist the flow or focus on our destination. What if we surrendered and enjoyed our journey? What if we could be mindful of the beauty present in our everyday experiences? This Sunday, Melissa will guide us in how to awaken our mindful potential. She will share her experiences and practices from her contemplative path.

“The Centering Power of Strength,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, April 18, 2021
We know that strength can manifest in our lives in many ways including physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the Revealing Word, Charles Fillmore defines strength as “The energy of God.” As spiritual beings sharing in this human experience, we know that our Spiritual Strength manifests when solidly grounded in Faith. Faith in the Divine energy that we inherently possess. That Divine energy is with us even in moments when our physical strength and mental strength seem to falter.

“Forgiveness,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, February 21, 2021
When we feel we have been hurt by someone we care about or feel guilt over how we have treated others, it can be difficult to let go of the bitterness we hold. Yet, the grudges and pain we hold onto often cause us more discomfort than the original actions. In this season of Lent, let us renew our Christ consciousness, release our bitterness, and embrace forgiveness – forgiveness of ourselves and others.

“Everything is Christ, Part II,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, January 26, 2020
The Unity movement affirms the innate divinity within – what we call the Christ spark or spirit. In essence, we affirm that ALL have the essence and potential to live their lives from their spiritual center – their Christ nature. Everyone is worthy of love, joy, and compassion. We are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience. Some Christians believe that it was the moment of Jesus’ baptism when he was transformed into the Christ. Metaphysically, the narrative of the baptism of Jesus can be seen as a transformational moment in which he became wholly aware of his spiritual connection, washed away the illusions of separation, and decided to act from the Christ presence within. You can make this choice, too!

“Spiritual Inspirations – The Experience of Art,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, August 11, 2019
Mark Rothko once said, “A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.” We have created sacred spaces, temples of our time to contemplate the creations of mankind and to participate in the experience. These spaces allow us to probe our inner depths, our longings, and our connection to humanity. To experience art is to experience the spiritual.

“Spiritual Inspirations – What Animals Can Teach Us,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, July 14, 2019
From our pets to the animals we see on television documentaries, animals share a special place in our lives and on this planet we call home. They can teach us more about ourselves and what it means to love unconditionally, forgive, and live in the moment with zeal. While there is still scientific debate as to how conscious animals are of their own existence, cultures around the world often attribute human and spiritual qualities to animals in their folklore and mythologies.

“In the Flow of Courage,” Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City, June 7, 2019
We know courage when we see it in the lives and stories of others. We are told that Jesus and Buddha both demonstrated strength and courage along their spiritual paths as they persevered over temptations and worldly desires. Yet, can we recognize the courage within ourselves? Courage is at the heart of the hero’s journey. And, it is ever-present in our own journey.

“Our Restorative Powers: The Art of Self-Care,” April 7, 2019
During times of stress or after tragedies, it is easy to forget the art of self-care. Self-care can take many forms including emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social self-care. Part of self-care is taking time to heal, reflect, relax and de-stress. In essence, do the things that you love to do and that bring you joy. These activities are not selfish or self-centered but rather a way to recharge your batteries so you can continue to exude Light and Love in all that you do.

Affirmation for Abundance and Prosperity, October 2017 Newsletter

I have an abundance of time. Through this affirmation, one recognizes that time is what we make of it. We often go about our lives thinking time is finite and catch ourselves saying “I don’t have time.” Is this really the truth or have we developed a pattern of negative thoughts surrounding time? Time is indeed infinite and in abundance. We only need to recognize through our innate spiritual wisdom that this is so. At any time we can stop, go within, and acknowledge our connection to the infinite and the timeless. As the days turn cooler and the days appear shorter, let us remember the prosperity and abundance of time that surrounds us. May we choose activities that enrich our spiritual prosperity and abundance. May we start each day acknowledging the opportunities of the day ahead.

“Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” – Gatha for Waking Up by Thich Nhat Hahn